The Plose and The Rodella: two mountains guarding the valley

Snow in the winter and excursions in the summer: this is the Plose, “house mountain” of Bressanone. With a spectacular view of the Dolomites, it is truly an inspirational place for those looking for easy trails, yet also for those who love the adrenaline rush from pure rock formations, for those who want to spend a few hours in total relaxation, as well as those who want to experience the thrill of a climb (or descent) on mountain bike.

Both during the “white” season, as well as the hot summer days, you can try the WoodyWalk starting from the cable car station in the valley. This is a resplendent walk along four kilometres, which takes visitors all the way to the Rossalm alpine hut. Refresh your spirit in the mountain breeze during the summer or immerse yourself in snow in the winter. Along the trail, you will find slides, statues and many other attractions immersed in the 360 degrees of enchanting panorama of the Pale Mountains, a.k.a. the Dolomites. Also, here the incline measures only 100 metres and so strollers can also be used here.

On the other side of the valley we find the Rodella mountain, which in summer offers mountain lovers the magnificent view of the Laghi Gelati (lit. Frozen Lakes). The hike takes about five hours, but it is not too difficult. Visitors then arrive by car to Scaleres (1466 m), from which the initially steep trail leads to the Laghi Gelati (1957 m). From here, you can climb to the Forcella San Lorenzo (2208 m), passing by the "Kühbergalm" alpine hut and then descend to the "Brugger Schupfe" hut (2000 m), to finally return to the valley following the trail to Caerna (1409 m).

Here, there is certainly much to offer climbing lovers: Bressanone and the surrounding areas are rich with rock climbing areas, where you can try short climbs. One of these is Fortezza: imagine a cliff over the lake, surrounded by the amazing Habsburg fortress , on the Forte Alto, the highest part of the castle, situated on a cliff bearing the same name. Facing east, and therefore very sunny, it offers eleven levels of difficulty, from 3+ for basic beginners, to 6c+ for the most expert.

In the wintertime, known as the “difficult” season for rock climbers, there is the brand new indoor climbing wall Vertikale. Situated just a few metres from Hotel Tallero, the wall is about 20 m tall and extends over 1600 m² of climbing surfaces, with about 200 different tracks.

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